• 1 What is Theia?

    Theia is a one-stop multi-account wallet for digital asset management and economic sharing, providing users with a variety of services such as storage, exchange, wealth management and investment. Theia supports BTC, ETH, ETC, WAN and all contract tokens based on Ethereum and Wanchain, and will continue to support more mainstream digital currencies.

  • 2 What is a private key wallet?

    The private key wallet is a decentralized wallet. In the decentralized wallet, all user authentication contents, such as transaction passwords, private keys, and mnemonics, are stored locally on the user's mobile phone, and are not stored in the centralized server. If the user accidentally deletes the wallet and forgets to back up the private key or mnemonic, the wallet will not be retrieved.

  • 3 What is my platform account?

    A platform account is a centralized wallet, and Theia keeps the private key for you. In a centralized wallet, there is no case where the wallet is lost and cannot be retrieved. You can retrieve your wallet by authentication and let you experience more services.

  • 4 How to create an account?

    Open Theia, select the type of wallet you want to create, and set the transaction password. Once the wallet is created successfully, the user needs to back up the wallet mnemonic phrase on paper according to the prompt. The mnemonic phrase can be used to recover the wallet in case your phone is lost or destroyed. If you lose your mnemonic phrase, there is no way to recover your assets and they will be lost forever! Theia does not have the ability to recover lost assets.

  • 5 How to export the wallet?

    On the Theia wallet start page, first select the private key wallet, then select ‘import wallet’, input the backup wallet mnemonic. After the verification is successful, set the transaction password. Once the wallet is imported successfully, you can start using the wallet.

  • 6 Where to safely download Theia wallet?

    Only download the wallet from Theia’s official website – https://thachain.org.

  • 7 How to backup the wallet / identity?

    After creating the private key wallet successfully, follow the prompts to enter the backup link, copy the wallet mnemonic on paper and save it to a safe place;

    Path 2: After entering the wallet, through the set-wallet backup function, enter the backup link and complete the backup.

  • 8 Can the wallet mnemonic backed up by the private key wallet be retrieved after it is lost?

    The private key wallet does not store the user's wallet mnemonic, and the mnemonic is only stored on the user's mobile phone. If the backup mnemonic is lost, you can re-back it up through Theia’s setup-wallet backup function; if the backup mnemonic is lost and the Theia wallet is uninstalled, unfortunately, your wallet will not be retrieved. Please keep it safe!

  • 9 What digital currencies does Theia support?

    Theia currently supports BTC, ETH, ETC, WAN and all tokens issued on Ethereum and Wanchain , and will support more digital currencies in the future.

  • 10 Can the digital currency type displayed the homepage of the wallet be modified?

    After clicking the Add Assets button at the bottom of the wallet homepage,, you can check the currency type you want to display on the homepage. You can rearrange the order by long pressing on a digital currency.

  • 11 If I delete the digital currency displayed on the front page of the wallet, will the corresponding assets be lost?

    They will not. Simply add the currency again to see your balance.

  • 12 How can I transfer/receive assets?

    On the Theia Assets page, select the asset type you want to trade, and you can start the transfer:

    Select Transfer, enter the payee address (can be completed by scanning the QR code) and the transfer amount, and verify the transaction password, then complete the transfer.

    Select the payment, the page displays the QR code, the payer can scan the QR code to complete the transfer, or the payee clicks the QR code to copy the payment address and share it to the payer.

  • 13 Does Theia charge fees? What is the rate?

    Theia does not charge any fees for digital currency storage and transfer functions provided to users. The handling fee for the transfer is paid to the network node that maintains the operation of the digital currency system, also known as the miner's fee. The transfer page displays the reference fee. The actual netowrk fee is displayed on the transaction record details page.

  • 14 How can I change the password? What if I forget my password?

    The private key wallet can set a new password by setting the - change password and verifying the original password. Because Theia does not store the user password, if you forget the password, the user can only delete the wallet first, then use the backup wallet mnemonic to import the wallet, and then reset the password. If you forget your password and lose your wallet mnemonic, you will lose your wallet assets.

    The personal account can be set by changing the password and verifying the original password before setting a new password. If you forget your password, you can retrieve your password by SMS verification and email verification.

  • 15 How can I delete the wallet?

    The private key wallet can delete the wallet by setting - deleting the wallet and verifying the wallet mnemonic.

    Personal accounts cannot be deleted and destroyed.

    Important: Theia’s private key wallet does not store the user's wallet mnemonic or private key. Once the wallet is deleted, the user can only re-import the wallet and retrieve the asset through the backup mnemonic. Please keep your wallet mnemonic carefully!