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Investors & Advisers

The starter of Theia

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Mainly responsible for the daily operation of Theia

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Focused scientific technological issues within Theia

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Mainly responsible for marketing activities of Theia

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Mainly responsible for the security landing of Theia digital wallet

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Tunlan Investment

Partner of Grand shores Blockchain Fund

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Classical VC of the Blockchain

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Lightinthebox (LITB)

The founder of Lightinthebox (LITB)

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Vice President of Wanchain Global

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CEO & Co-founder of Bitrue

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Director of Southeast Asia Business Development

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Theia Roadmap

2018 Q3

In July 2018, Theia wallet carried out three overseas roadshows in Indonesia, Malaysia and South Korea, which were highly praised by Southeast Asian users.

2018 Q2

In May 2018, Theia Wallet established an in-depth strategic partnership with Wanchain and obtained a 1-million investment of wanfund.

In June 2018, Theia Wallet received an investment from the Grand shores Fund, valued over 100 million.

2018 Q1

In February 2018, Theia comprehensively laid out the blockchain product and a blockchain information platform--- Bige Finance. Meanwhile, the public chain--- "Orange Chain" and the prototype of Theia --- OGC wallet were successfully developed.

In March 2018, the OGC wallet was officially renamed as "Theia wallet" and entered the beta testing stage.

2017 Q3

In August 2017, the Orange Chain Division was established and the overall company transformed into the blockchain industry.

2017 Q2

In June 2017, Theia established its blockchain product group. Meanwhile, an OTC trading platform---Bcoin was launched as its first product.

2017 Q1

In January 2017, Theia Wallet set up a technical team to layout the blockchain industry.

2016 Q4

In October 2016, Theia established a quantitative team to carry out digital currency management business.

2015 Q3

In August 2015, Theia wallet launched the Internet financial business system and marched into digital currency industry.

2015 Q2

In May 2015, the monthly transfer statement of self-operated mobile game top-up platform exceeded 100 million yuan.


  • 1 What is Theia?

    Theia is a one-stop multi-account wallet for digital asset management and economic sharing, providing users with a variety of services such as storage, exchange, wealth management and investment. Theia supports BTC, ETH, ETC, WAN and all contract tokens based on Ethereum and Wanchain, and will continue to support more mainstream digital currencies.

  • 2 What is a private key wallet?

    The private key wallet is a decentralized wallet. In the decentralized wallet, all user authentication contents, such as transaction passwords, private keys, and mnemonics, are stored locally on the user's mobile phone, and are not stored in the centralized server. If the user accidentally deletes the wallet and forgets to back up the private key or mnemonic, the wallet will not be retrieved.

  • 3 What is my platform account?

    A platform account is a centralized wallet, and Theia keeps the private key for you. In a centralized wallet, there is no case where the wallet is lost and cannot be retrieved. You can retrieve your wallet by authentication and let you experience more services.

  • 4 How to create an account?

    Open Theia, select the type of wallet you want to create, and set the transaction password. Once the wallet is created successfully, the user needs to back up the wallet mnemonic phrase on paper according to the prompt. The mnemonic phrase can be used to recover the wallet in case your phone is lost or destroyed. If you lose your mnemonic phrase, there is no way to recover your assets and they will be lost forever! Theia does not have the ability to recover lost assets.

  • 5 How to export the wallet?

    On the Theia wallet start page, first select the private key wallet, then select ‘import wallet’, input the backup wallet mnemonic. After the verification is successful, set the transaction password. Once the wallet is imported successfully, you can start using the wallet.

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